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At A Plus Auto, we set ourselves apart from others in the used auto parts market through our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Each step of our process, from cleaning to shipping, is designed to ensure the best experience for our customers. Here’s how we do things differently:


Every part that comes through our doors is thoroughly cleaned. This isn’t just a quick wipe down; we make sure each part is spotless and in presentable condition, so it’s ready to use as soon as it arrives.


We believe in transparency, which is why we provide detailed, high-resolution photos of our parts. These images offer a clear and accurate representation of the item, helping our customers make informed decisions without surprises.


We don’t just box parts; we pack them with care, using materials that protect them during transit. Our goal is to make sure every part reaches you not just quickly, but also safely and in ready-to-use condition. This careful packaging reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at every step.


Our shipping process is streamlined for speed and reliability. We carefully pack each part to ensure it’s protected during transit, and we work with trusted carriers to get your parts to you quickly and in perfect condition.


Organization is key in our warehouse. We store parts in a way that not only preserves their quality but also makes them easy to locate and retrieve. This efficient system means less waiting time for you and ensures the part you receive has been well cared for while in our possession.


The seller was very responsive to my inquiries and shopping was super fast. The item was packeged with care and double wrapped to prevent shipping damage. I'm very impressed, also, the item was just as discribed. Thank you very much. I highly recommend this seller.

eBay buyer

What a awesome seller!!! I actually picked up the transmission at their facility. You can tell a lot about the seller based on how clean and organized their warehouse is. This place was clan, neat and organized. I woud 100% recommend this seller to anyone. They were very friendly and accommodating.

eBay buyer

This seller was honest, they ship quickly, communication was excellent. They respond to your concerns quickly, and if there is a problem they do whats necessary to make it right without delay. I highly recommend this seller!!!

eBay buyer

Great seller!! They ship my part out quickly and arrived sooner than expected. The pictures showed exactly what I was getting, and the actual item was in grat shape. I was able to get it installed the next day and it ficts perfectly. Thanks!

eBay buyer

Fantastic customer service and part! Ficts my car perfectly and was half the price of newly painted non-OEM part after shipping. I appreciated the VIN being included so I could verify the original manufactering plant was the same as my car. I Figured the paint would be an exact match and it was. I'm extremely stisfied with the entire process and product.

eBay buyer

Toyota sell this for $409.00 What?? These guys dindt accept my original offer but made a very reasonable counter offer of $75.00 which I accepted. It arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Thanks!

eBay buyer

I received the Rim Hub Center Cap. It was indeed very clean and OEM. Unfortunately I had to return it beacuse I thought it was a set of 4 pieces of caps. That was my fault, and, the seller was so kind and understanding! I highly recommend getting products from this seller. Thanks!

eBay buyer

Recommend this seller. item is exactly as advertised, actually like new! Fit my car perfectly. Fast shipping. Will do business with the seller again when I need another car part. Thank you very much

eBay buyer

Prompt shipping and well packaged item. Everything worked as expected. Thanks!


Great communication! Shipped overnight for a fair extra fee and parts were perfect! Thank you! Will happily do business with again!!

Lorry Melon

Quick easy to work with shipped out same day!!

Steve Smith

Used original parts are cheaper than new and better than aftermarket

It’s a great way to save your money and get back on the road faster.

To lower the risks associated with used parts we:

  • Inspect all parts carefully
  • Check fitment
  • Make a lot of detailed pictures
  • Ship quickly
  • Give warranty
  • Have easy return or replacement process
Rigid quality check
Shipped within 24 hours
High quality pictures of all parts

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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