How Having Good Used Car Parts Can Help Prevent Car Accidents

The famous author Amit Kalantri once said, “Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road.” This is an undeniable fact and key to your and your family’s safety. Yes, most car accidents happen due to driver error and heavy traffic, but defective car parts and mechanical failures can also threaten your well-being.

Although it might cost you a fortune, keep in mind that your car isn’t invulnerable to damage, and you must keep an eye on it. Never postpone changing car parts that you suspect are faulty. After all, all those expenses are insignificant in comparison with your life, especially when you take into account the fact that 1.35 million road deaths happen yearly.

You probably ask yourself if it’s safe to repair your vehicle with second-hand parts. With so many different used car parts sellers on the market, you’re expected to have concerns and questions. But don’t let worries stand in your way – learn more about used car parts and which parts are most likely to cause road accidents in this guide by A Plus Auto.

Are Second-Hand Parts Safe to Use?

The truth is that second-hand parts can be as safe and reliable as new ones as long as you purchase them from a reputable supplier. For example, when you purchase a used car part from A Plus Auto, you’re sure to get an undamaged and fully compatible auto part. Such quality used car parts can provide the same result as the brand-new component. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, more available, and less expensive without compromising on safety and quality. So, what’s wrong with using used car parts when you have an ally like A Plus Auto?

Preventing Possible Accidents With Good Used Car Parts

“Green parts” are becoming increasingly popular among car owners. As mentioned above, when purchased from a reputable supplier, they’re completely safe to use as an option to get you back on the road quickly and safely. Why? Because trustworthy suppliers inspect and test used car parts to make sure they meet safety standards.

At A Plus Auto, we work hard to ensure our parts are thoroughly inspected so that every one of our customers is safe while on the road. It’s the least a trustworthy supplier can do, so our warmest recommendation is to never settle for less when your safety is in question.

Repairers are also obligated to take several safety steps to ensure that the car parts are completely safe to apply, so you literally have nothing to worry about. When using good used car parts, you avoid problems ranging from suspension and electrical issues to brake and tire trouble that might cause an accident. Plus, they’re cheaper and more widely available.

Most Common Car Parts That Can Cause Car Accidents

Keep in mind that a car accident is always a possibility, and no matter how unpleasant that scenario is, it’s essential to commit to proper car care. Being on top of your maintenance routine will surely help you prevent tragedy or, at least minimize its impact. Gathering information about car parts that can cause serious road incidents is the first step toward prevention. You must regularly have your vehicle tested for faulty parts, at least once in every six months, and especially pay attention to the car parts listed below.


If not in good condition, worn tires can cause dangerous car accidents. When on the road, it will be difficult for you to maneuver the vehicle, as shabby tires are less responsive to breaks and more prone to slips. They’re also sensitive to blowouts, which increases the risk of losing control over your vehicle while driving, thus increasing the chances of car accidents. That said, it’s essential to check your tire pressure and tread at least once a month. Once you notice tears on the treads of your wheels, replace them as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait with these things, as your safety on the road depends on it.
An auto mechanic replacing a worn tire with used car parts

Headlights and Taillights

Headlights are extremely vital to take care of, as they have the potential to cause a fair number of road accidents. Unfortunately, most drivers neglect these parts and don’t even notice they’re burnt out until it’s too late. Without the right lighting conditions, the expression “Keep your eyes on the road” won’t come in handy. Just imagine finding yourself with broken lights in stormy weather. Scary, right? You can’t see a thing and boom – collision.
You can prevent possible accidents by tracking your headlights/taillights usage and getting new ones the moment they begin to dim. At A Plus Auto, we understand how critical it is to get high-quality used car parts, and with over 140k items sold, we guarantee that you’ll get the best lighting equipment for your car without having to spend a fortune.

Windshield Wipers

You know how important this car part is, right? Windshield wipers help you maintain your visibility through rain and snow, but only if they work properly. So, it’s highly recommended that you replace your wipers every 6-12 months or when you hear strange noises, such as streaks, squeaks, or smears. This ensures optimal performance when you need it most, such as during adverse weather conditions. It also helps extend your wipers’ lifespan.


According to the NHTSA, faulty brakes are the second most likely car part to cause road accidents. Even though brake quality has improved greatly over the years, brake failures still happen. Most of the time, it’s because drivers have been neglecting them for too long. This is why you must check your brakes at least once every 30,000 miles and have your tires rotated every six months or less. If you need to repair your brakes, you can always find the best A+ grade brake discs, calipers, drums, and much more at A Plus Auto.
An auto mechanic replacing car breaks with used car parts

Choose A Plus Auto

In conclusion, keeping your car in good shape with quality used parts is crucial for safety, not just saving money. At A Plus Auto, we provide top-notch used car parts that are safe and reliable, helping you prevent accidents and drive confidently. Regular checks and using the right parts can greatly reduce the chance of car troubles that lead to accidents. By choosing A Plus Auto for your car parts, you’re making a smart decision for safer driving. Whether you need brakes, tires, or lights, you can rely on us to have parts that keep your car running smoothly. Choose A Plus Auto for dependable parts and drive with peace of mind.
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