My Car Is Making Noises: What Does It Mean and What Part Do I Need to Fix?

Vehicles are sophisticated, powerful, and complex creations of modern engineering. However, this complexity is why various potential issues could arise within the mechanics of your car.
Understanding the reasons behind unusual car noises can help you determine how serious the issue is and the urgency of resolving it. If you’re unsure about where the sound is coming from, it’s important to seek advice from a trustworthy mechanic promptly to ensure safety, especially since in 2021, 5.4 million drivers experienced car crash injuries.
Should your vehicle require replacement parts to resolve any issues, look no further than A Plus Auto. We boast a wide selection of pre-owned yet quality car parts to ensure optimal performance for your vehicle. Thanks to our expertise, we’ve curated a list of typical car noises that need immediate attention, along with practical advice on how to resolve them effectively.

Why Choose A Plus Auto’s Quality Car Parts

At A Plus Auto, we understand how important it is to use quality parts to address any noises or issues you may encounter with your vehicle. Our customer service is readily available to address any concerns or obstacles encountered during the purchase of car parts.
We provide top-tier car parts that not only elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics but also guarantee peak performance, thereby keeping you safe while driving.
This is what our process includes:
  • Careful Selection and Disassembly. We carefully choose damaged vehicles across various brands. Our skilled team disassembles them with precision to ensure that every part we retain meets our stringent “A” grade standards.
  • Stringent Quality Assurance. Each part undergoes rigorous inspection to guarantee optimal functionality and condition. Our team makes sure that only the highest-quality car parts make it to our inventory.
  • Thorough Preparation for Sale. Once approved, every part is thoroughly cleaned and professionally photographed. This allows you to understand your purchase as a customer better. Car parts are then organized in our warehouse, ready for swift shipping, ensuring prompt delivery to our valued customers.

You can count on A Plus Auto to meet your automotive needs professionally. But most importantly, we never leave our customers in the dark. We’re always honest and transparent with our, making sure that you receive fair deals and accurate information.

Car Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Postponing a visit to the mechanic may make the issue worse and lead to higher repair costs. Therefore, addressing the issue on time will help you uphold your car’s performance and longevity, especially if you have noticed any uncommon vehicle sounds. That said, let’s go over some of the most common car noises you should never ignore.

A Loud Screeching Sound Coming From Beneath the Hood

A possible reason for this could be a loose or deteriorated serpentine belt. The serpentine belt powers key car parts like the water pump, alternator, power steering pump, radiator fan, and air-conditioning compressor. Simply put, it operates various systems within your car. You must prevent the belt from failing unexpectedly, as your car wouldn’t be able to function without it. If you suspect that the screeching noise is due to a worn or loose belt, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a mechanic. They can determine how serious the problem is and advise you on whether a part replacement is needed.
If that’s the case and you need to replace your car parts, look no further than A Plus Auto. Our reputation for providing top-quality car parts and services is built on years of experience and a significant understanding of vehicle components. A Plus Auto’s notable experience in the industry ensures that we consistently provide the best service, customized to meet each one of our customer’s unique needs.

Rattling or Chugging Car Noises

These noises could be due to issues with the exhaust system. Different sounds may point to different issues, so listen carefully to what your car is trying to say. For example, a chugging noise might suggest a blockage in the exhaust system, while a rattling sound could indicate misalignment. Similarly, a hissing noise might signal a crack in the exhaust system. In cases like these, it’s advisable to book an exhaust system inspection for your car to diagnose and address any potential issues with its parts.

A Faint, Continuous Humming or Droning Sound

Worn-down tires can be the reason behind a faint and continuous humming. If you notice such a noise, you might want to examine your tires as soon as possible. The fix may be as simple as having to inflate them, or it could be more serious, indicating that there’s a leak. Tires wear out over time, but if you notice that they wear unevenly, it could be due to misalignments or imbalances. Maintaining your tires regularly is essential, no matter how big or small the issue behind the unusual humming is.

A Loud Grinding or Squealing Noise Coming From Your Brakes

The noise you hear is most probably caused by the calipers rubbing against the rotors. If you happen to hear it, take your vehicle to a car parts dealership or brake repair facility immediately so that they can inspect your brakes thoroughly and diagnose the issue. Even if you’re not actively pressing the brakes, but the noise persists, you shouldn’t ignore it. This problem will only worsen over time, and since your brakes are essential for your safety while driving, you must address such issues timely.

Unusual Noises When Turning

The most probable cause of this noise is worn-down constant velocity (CV). If you notice that your car makes any unusual noise when turning, for example, clicking, groaning, squeaking, or clunking, it’s likely related to the suspension and steering system. A fix might be as simple as adding power steering fluid to the power steering pump, or it might be more serious, like replacing worn-down constant velocity (CV) joints or universal joints.

Lets Get You Back On The Road

Wrapping up, knowing what your car’s noises mean can save you a lot of trouble and keep you safe on the road. At A Plus Auto, we’re here to help you figure out those sounds and get the parts you need to fix them. We pride ourselves on offering quality pre-owned car parts that will get your vehicle back to running smoothly and quietly. Whether it’s a screeching belt, a rattling exhaust, uneven tire wear, brake issues, or problems when turning, we’ve got you covered. Our detailed selection and inspection process ensures that you get only the best parts, matched with our top-notch customer service. Don’t let car noises become bigger problems — come to A Plus Auto for the solution and drive with peace of mind.
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